Friday, 19 June 2009

Obama And The Fly

I don't know if he did say it but the advice 'pick your battles wisely' sounds like something Machiavelli would have come up with. I am pretty certain that 'The Prince' is not on the bookshelf of many PETA offices but maybe they should keep a copy from now on with that particular sentence underlined and highlighted.
President Obama seems to have been on the end of a finger wagging from PETA for his slaying of a fly that was buzzing around him in a TV interview.
Now as i have previously stated, i throw things (my husbands things actually) at crane flies with the intention of killing them like some sort of shoe/newspaper/pillow flinging murderess. Usually i miss but the intention is there, damn my blood lust.
I can't get too worked up about Obama whacking a fly and nor should PETA because it just makes them look silly.
PETA should just forget it, move on and continue it's excellent work targeting the real villains. Keep the vitriol for the more deserving cases such as the hunters, animal abusers and fur wearers of the World who deserve it.
Anyway, if anyone should be wagging a finger at Obama it should be the writers of Bob the Builder from who Obama nicked his catchphrase.

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Anne said...

i loved the look of concentration on his face before he smacked that fly.
very karate kid-ish.