Saturday, 20 June 2009

UK Government Most Evil?

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that the UK is the most evil Western Government during his Friday prayer sermon. I do wonder what he based this outrageous slur upon. Where's the evidence Mr Ayatollah?

Is it the couple of iffy wars that this Government has waged upon two countries either side of Iran?
Was it the bit where Tony Blair lied through his teeth to us to get the war he promised to George W Bush?
Could it be the nuclear power stations that we have but won't allow them to build, on pain of a bombing raid?
I don't believe it's the way our Government backs Israel and turns a blind eye to its murderous raids on Palestine.
Maybe he takes exception to us berating the lack of Democracy in his country by our own unelected leader.
Could it be the condemnation of the Iranian police handing out beatings and killings while dealing with the demonstrators while our own inquiry into Police brutality and unlawful killing at the G20 demonstration is going ahead?
Was it the bit where we defied the will of the International Community such as at the United Nations?
Has he taken offence to us leaving huge swathes of the middle east covered in depleted uranium?

See, you have nothing on us Mr Ayatollah. Most evil indeed. Pfft.
Now if you had said the most incompetent Western Government instead...


Stan said...

Siding with the Ayatollah are we now, Lucy? Makes sense. Both of you have the same warped outlook on what's going on as I have clearly shown in my previous comments and anyone who has a go at us is obviously fine by you, even if he's repressing his own people and backing terrorism.

What strange bed-fellows some on the left have!

Falling on a bruise said...

Not siding with the Ayatollah Stan, highlighting the hypocrisy of those who see the British Government as a force for good in the World and look at them through rose tinted specs. You could do with giving your own a good wipe sometime. Amazing what you can see when you remove them.

Anonymous said...

What a plonker this woman is!



Falling on a bruise said...

Care to point out which part you take offence to Del boy?
Two wars? Blair lying? Nuclear power stations? Unelected leader? Police
inquiry? Defying the UN? Depleted Uranium? All/none of the above?
WOuld you prefer we just keep quiet about our own shortcomings and berate others for theirs?

Stan said...

Amazing what you can't see when you don't want to, Lucy. Like all my arguments at this site demolishing your case (repeated here) against the Iraq war and Israel.

Your other points pale into insignificance in relation to the evils of those who accuse us of evil.

Falling on a bruise said...

Stan, i guess you are trying to goad me into a 'you never won, i won' argument over the Iraq War post. That isn't going to happen as i would never be arrogant enough to claim victory in a debate.
Cody and I have a regular thing where we do concurrent posts about subjects we have differing views on. That's our preferred way of thrashing it out, we both say why we feel as we do and our arguments get backed or pulled apart by other bloggers.
Get yourself a blog and i would be more than happy to go toe to toe with you on any subject you want from Iraq to Israel.
If you want to claim a victory over me after demolishing my case, then although i don't remember anyone actually agreeing with your stance here, congratulations anyway. You the man.

Stan said...

Nothing to do with claiming victory, Lucy. It's just about you continuing to make points which take no account of the counter-arguments. That's what I meant by not seeing what you don't wish to see.

I do blog myself, btw. Go to and key in Stan Rosenthal in the search slot. You are welcome to leave comments on any of the posts listed.

Falling on a bruise said...

You mentioned more than a few times how you had 'won', i guessed it was an ego stroking thing.

Counter arguments? If you had come up with something that made me stop and reassess my position then i would account for it or subtly drop them. All we both did was retread old ground that i would assume we have both been over countless times before over the past 6 years. I know i certainly have with people of your rapidly dwindling political flavour.

We were never going to change each others minds on the rights and wrongs of the Iraq War but i am always interested in why other people think the way they do though.

I thought the blog was someone else's where you just chip in once in a while.

Stan said...

Yes Lucy I've "chipped in" only about a hundred times now but I reach an audience which some of those who have their own blogs would give their eye-teeth for.

And I'm pretty sure nothing would make you reassess your position on these issues, even if it was authenticated by God Himself.

Falling on a bruise said...

So it isn't your blog then?

God himself? He was in on the discussions with Bush & Blair as i recall.