Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hating Summer

A heatwave has hit India and temperatures are hovering around the mid 40s (113F). Weather forecasters here in the UK are warning of the same thing next week, only our highest temperatures are going to be around the low 30's (90F).
Now i know that compared to what India is suffering, it sounds pathetic to moan about the heat but dammit, to me 32c is uncomfortably hot.
I know summer is meant to be all about birds twittering, lots of sun and long, lazy days. But let’s be honest, it’s actually about wasps, sunburn, and the sun rising before you even get to sleep.
The worst part is is that the lack of sleep and heat makes me awfully cranky and moody. I swear when i wake up with my hair plastered to my face with sweat and pretty much keep it up till i finally drop off again for a few hours before starting it all over again in the morning. I keep my best cussing for the weatherman who gleefully informs me that it's going to be another glorious day. He wouldn't think his warm front was quite so glorious if i got to decide where to shove it. The sun doesn't shine there apparently.
Hot car interiors, the smell of armpits in the lift and more bugs than should be allowed to congregate in any one place at one time which is usually my bedroom ten seconds after i throw open the window.
I think it's about time us summer haters made a stand and got the UN, or whoever makes rulings on these matters, to make it illegal to ask anyone if it's 'hot enough for ya?' or to say 'bit hot 'innit' when you are drowning in your own sweat. Weathermen must stop saying 'another beautiful summers day' and call it 'another oppressively hot day where you will sweat if you so much as blink'. War must be declared on anything that bites or stings and men in tight speedo's must be declared a natural disaster area and cordoned off with bright yellow tape.
Roll on autumn and winter and showers, crisp cool days, fresh winds, chilly evenings and a cup of hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire and when i can just be naturally cranky and moody and it isn't heat assisted.


iMuslim said...

I am with you on this one, 100%! I was melting in the house today... I miss air con.

Anonymous said...

Texas isn't that hot...