Saturday, 27 June 2009

Bruce Is Back

When i think of Bruce Springsteen, admittedly not very often, i think denim and Courtney Cox in that Dancing in the dark video and Bruce's god awful dancing with her. In my mind he is safely back in the 80's along with Cyndi Lauper, ZZ Top and dayglo yellow leg warmers.
I always thought that he would be the sort of person who wore dusty cowboy boots and would put these abominations against fashion on the coffee table. Maybe he does, i don't know for sure but it might be safe to move it away from the sofa if he pops around.
Apart from a brief spell in the mid 90s with the song 'Philadelphia', the Boss and his hideous boots were a fading memory but now he pops up again in 2009 headlining the Glastonbury Festival.
I don't recall a time when Bruce was ever considered 'cool', maybe in America where songs like Born in the USA i presume resonated more, but as a teenager when he was at his height in the mid 80s, I just don't remember anyone demanding Springsteen at the school end of term disco.
He must have a wider appeal than i give him credit for because he is one of those artists who has been around for decades, albeit under my personal musical radar. It is good that the old acts get a chance to recapture their golden days although i hope that he doesn't drag anybody up onto the stage and dance with them because he may have been born to run but he certainly wasn't born to dance.
And for the last time, GET YOUR FILTHY BOOTS OFF THE TABLE!!

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Kvatch said...

At least Springsteen still tries to connect with his audience. For the better part of the last decade, now that money is now longer a motivation in his life, he's been playing smaller venues.

Not a huge fan myself, but I'd pay to see Springsteen if I could do it from a distance of about 10 yards.