Saturday, 20 June 2009

Wimbledon Fortnight

It's mid-July again so time to start the annual game of building up the chances of a British tennis player winning Wimbledon.
As Andy Murray is the only one anyone here knows, can i save some time and point out now how Andy Murray battled his way in a typically brave British manner to the latter stages before losing like the bottling Scotsman he is. There, now where's my strawberries?
Hang on, it seems that Britain's brave and talented Andy Murray has actually got a chance this year according to John McEnroe and a few other experts, especially now that Rafael Nadal has hobbled out of the tournament.
The English contingent of the British Isles does seem to have a bit of a love hate relationship with the dour Scotsman which wasn't improved when he said that he would "support anyone but England" at the 2006 World Cup. Canadian Greg Rusedki was never really accepted as a Brit, especially as we had 'Tiger' Tim Henman who was rubbish but was as English as afternoon tea and the Queen Mother while Greg sounded like he had just taken off his Mountie uniform and was stroking a Caribou.
So as fickle as us English are, whether Murray is a heroic Brit to cheer or a miserable faced Jock depends upon him lifting the trophy in two weeks time.
My money is on Roger Federer to win the thing and for Murray to stomp off court mumbling och aye the noo in the quarter's or semi's.
As for the women, Anne Keothavong is British number 1 which doesn't count for much as her number 49 World ranking underlines. Serena Williams to be handed the Women's Trophy by the Duke or Duchess of Kent.

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