Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Yemen Next Then?

Today's Geography lesson comes to you courtesy of the US and UK Military machine.

Okay, so who can tell me where this great steaming hole used to be. Iraq, correct Jenny.
And this one? Not Iran Johnny, not yet anyway, it's Afghanistan.
And where is this pile of dead bodies? Nobody? Okay, it's Pakistan.
Now for an extra point, who can tell me where the next place Uncle Sam and John Bull will be blowing up? Yemen, well done Sally, have an apple.

The consensus seems to be that the next stop for the War on Terror will be the sunny shores of Yemen after the thwarted Christmas Day terrorist attack over Denver.
Al Queada, moving on from Afghanistan and Pakistan have now set up training camps in the mountainous region of Yemen and the Brits and Americans are now talking up the possibility of opening up yet another front.
Any Al Queada operative with an ounce of sense would have packed up their things and pegged it across the border by now because they know what's coming, they actually got a taste of it already as did Yemen.
What with Christmas and everything, the 120 Yemeni's killed courtesy of a US cruise missile attack on the 18th December against suspected Al Queada sites went largely unnoticed.
According to reports from Yemen, many of the dead were innocent civilians but i imagine that is how this one will play out.
It won't be a feet on the ground fight like Iraq or Afghanistan, the public seem to lose their appetite for war when it's there own boys coming back in coffins, it will be drone attacks at any suspicious activity like in Pakistan and will prove to be just as unproductive, will cause significant civilian casualties while not risking the lives of UK or American troops.
Yemini's will die in their droves and Al Queada will pitch up somewhere else in a years time and we can do it all again and the never ending War on Terror body count will go merrily up.
I don't know the answer but i do know that inadvertently killing innocent people with large bombs won't gain you many friends.


David G said...

Ah, Lucy, it's a toss up as to whether Yemen will be first or Iran.

It's amazing really. One terrorist, who must be a buffoon given his poor attempt to blow up a plane, sets in motion the world's greatest army.

But if you blow the whole incident up (pun intended) and show the underpants to everyone in the world, then make it seem as though a hundred thousand terrorists are about to fly across the Atlantic, their underpants filled with high explosives, then panic sets in.

In America, this panic is used by politicians who answer to the corporations to control and confuse the gullible natives!

Anonymous said...


yeah, yemen is a good target to be the 51st state...

i mean look at what you get: camels, and dirt (well sand), and it has wind, and, and, and, it has sand, and, and, and... camels! yeah, camels! just think of what you can do with all that sand!!!

time go expand the EMPIRE - rev up the tanks!!!


David G. said...

It's what's under the sand that interests the U.S., q! It's also the strategic advantage that Yemen presents.

It amazes me, q, that despite the wealth of information that is available on the internet, you choose to trivialize or dismiss the obvious machinations of the U.S. and its imperial objectives.

Sadly, you're not alone! There are 300 million Americans just like you.

Falling on a bruise said...

Or Britains 5th country q. We need more sand, our beaches are full of pebbles.

Cheezy said...

I'm utterly confused by this latest attempted attack on the west. After all, weren't we told that "if we fight them over there, then we won't have to fight them over here?"

Wasn't that the story?

Shucks, who can you trust eh?

David G. said...

Cheezy, commonsense should tell you not to trust anyone and try to work things out for yourself! :)

Cheezy said...

Hmmm, I think the screws on your irony detector might need a little tightening there...

Anonymous said...


i did some research sir. here is what i found...

- yemen ranks 26th in the world in oil reserves
- countries with more reserves include the usa with 5 times the reserves of yemen
- mexico has 3 times as much oil as yemen and canada has 45 times as much oil

why do we need the little piece of land represented by the nation of yemen when we have saudi and iraqi oil?

why do we need yemen oil when we have neighbors canada and mexico with so much oil?

if all we want is oil, it would be eaiser to take it from canada or mexico - at the risk of hurting the feelings of our neigbors (bygones in advance) the drug lords are more powerful than the mexican army and our boy scouts could take canada...


David G. said...

Q, I'm sure that the Pentagon and the White House have read your comment with interest. You could have saved Yemen from being invaded and occupied and made into a wonderful democracy like Iraq!

I'm sure that Canada and Mexico are now being discussed as potential takeover targets along with Iran.

Perhaps they'll give you a medal, q, or make you the next President!

P.S. Thanks for not mentioning Australia.

Anonymous said...


in other words, your can't substantiate your position that the usa is going after yemen for the oil...

in other words you didn't use the wealth of information available, you just went into your typical hate america rant without thinking...


David G said...

If you read my comment carefully for a change, q, you'll see that I not only mentioned oil but that Yemen offered the U.S. a strategic advantage.

Obviously, with its military bases littered all over the world and the world's biggest army, the U.S., ever insecure, needs to control everything and everyone.

I'm beginning to suspect that Americans are genetically predisposed towards violence, superstition and greed, q.

P.S. Thinking isn't one of their strong points either.

Anonymous said...


yeah without thinking usa became the latest empire... that makes sense NOT. good logic David.

Again, why does the usa need yemen (strategic as the hair on your ass) when it has bases in iraq, kuwait, saudi arabia.

your ire blinds you.


David G said...

I've heard on several nauseating occasions the U.S. described as the greatest nation in the history of the world, q.

Of course, the simpletons who made this absurd claim were Americans who obviously thought that the world started when Americans slaughtered all the Red Indians and the buffalo.

And they probably worked on the asumption that having the greatest number of McDonalds and Starbucks per capita somehow made you great!

But I guess America must win some sort of accolade, q. Let's see: it certainly wins the prize for killing the most people since WW2 finished.

It does this by dropping bombs on, firing missiles at, and using depleted uranium against those who have no armed forces. As well, it pays people from poor countries starvation wages for their labour and/or resources!

Of course, it keep hinting that it may use nukes in Iran.

Perhaps we ain't seen nuthin' yet!

Anonymous said...

usual bullshit from you david...

you claimed the usa sees a little piece of shit known as yemen as being strategic...

you also said i wasn't using the wealth of knowledge on the internet...

well, what is strategic about it asshole? not oil. not the location. what? use the wealth of knowledge on the internet and enlighten us...

you are just using this like you use every post regardless of topic to spew your hatred of america...


Cheezy said...

"Of course, the simpletons who made this absurd claim were Americans who obviously thought that the world started when Americans slaughtered all the Red Indians and the buffalo. "

You're right again David, this is a totally absurd claim. The world actually started when Australians started practicing genocide on the indigenous Aboriginal population.

David G said...

Cheezy, obviously your knowledge of history, like your intellect, is severely limited.

It was the people of British stock who took over the land called Australia. It was people from England who slaughtered the aborigines!

Ironically, it is still people of British stock who have joined with the warmongering Americans to help slaughter folk in the Middle East during the last decade (the Australian involvement is minimal and should be zero).

Tally Ho!

P.S. q, your comments are so asinine they deserve no response!

Cheezy said...

I see, cobber.... So we can say that it's Americans (not 'British stock') who dealt to the indigenous American population, but when it comes to Australia, no, that wasn't done by actual Australians...

What a fuckhead! :)

Read some John Pilger, my ignorant friend. A Secret Country. You'll see how the disgrace still going on. Still 'someone else's fault?'

There's real problems in your large, empty country, mate. And all you can do is turn up here and wank on about America in your interminable way.

Well done, sergeant, that's fighting the fight alright!

Hmmmmm.... Has anyone else found that the absolute number one defining characteristic of racism/xenophobia/ultra-nationalism... is stupidity?

Anyone who's in any doubt need only read David's posts on this blog.

David G said...

Cheezy, there's real problems in your large, empty head, mate!

As with q, your comments are too asinine and too immature to be worth a response either now or in the future.

P.S. Regarding your comment about stupidity, I graduated with Distinction from a top University which put me in the top 5% of the 700 graduates. I also completed part of a Masters Doctorate programme but grew tired of jumping over hurdles.

What qualifications do you have, Cheezy? A certificate from the Clown School?

Cheezy said...

So the answer is 'No', then, David? You haven't, read 'A Secret Country'??

This is a shame. It should be required reading for all Australians. Then you'd be far less likely to oh-so-casually absolve your fellow-Aussies of any blame for the disgraceful and continuing subjugation of your indigenous race.

Seems your a bit of a saloon-bar leftist then, no?

And your 'answer' to Q's question earlier in this thread, about Yemen's strategic importance? Hmmm, well, that seems to be "Dunno". That's the only way we can interpret your silence.

Basically mate, if you're so smart, as you seem to be telling us, why do you never bring anything to the table here?

It's simply not good enough to say you're intelligent; it's rather better to demonstrate it, don't you think?

All in all, I'm trying to work out exactly what it is you're doing here...

You can't be here to inform, because your comments almost never contain any actual information. Even less evidence of independent thought about any of the issues that are raised. You know, independent thought of the nuanced and 'shades of grey' kind, that you'll read from the likes of Lucy, Cody, Q, Nog... some of whom you (without any discernible trace of irony) describe as the "indoctrinated" ones.

And if you're here to try and make people of certain nationalities - mainly Americans, it seems - feel worse about themselves, by continually mocking them, then I feel you're pissing up a rope here as well.

This is because no one with any sense can take such a caricatured worldview (such as the one you constantly display) at all seriously.

But hey, maybe you're happy as you are. Unfortunately, many racists and xenophobes are.