Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Greece Burning

Andy Warhol said that everybody had their 15 minutes of fame and the same is true for countries. At some point or other in history one country stood out above the others. Unfortunately for Greece their slot at being top dog was almost two and a half thousand years ago when they gave us Plato, Aristotle and Alexander the Great but can now only rustle up a bottle of Ouzo and a plastic souvenir Acropolis with wonky columns.
As we see on the news, Greece is burning and the cost of being bailed out by the other European countries in the Eurozone (the ones that also aren't skint themselves anyway) is billions of pounds worth of public cuts.
Do the Greeks not like that so they scraped together what little they had, purchased petrol, a box of matches and some empty bottles and throw it at the police instead.
The most alarming thing about the whole mess is the expert comments that Britain could be the next Greece.
As one, we all spluttered on our cream scones, rose up and shouted, "not bloody likely".
Not that i have anything against Greece but we could never be another Greece. For one we are not hairy enough and we don't shout and wave our arms around like a windmill in a gale when we talk.
If we are going to be like another country, why can't we be like one of those nice Scandinavians countries who are the equivalent of the retired gentleman tending his own patch of garden and tutting at the youngsters zipping about having wars and recessions.
Being such a volatile bunch, the Greeks will probably still be rioting over this when we go into the next recession but us Brits are a different breed altogether and we have something they don't. The Elgin marbles.

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The Ghost of Richard Nixon said...

Greece is a very sticky situation. If it were up to me, I'd let the place fail and have allow the radicals to run rampant - perhaps even have some Marxists seize power. Then I'd order a covert intelligence operation to support a new rightist faction of counter-revolutionaries to overthrow the Marxists and install a stooge to do our bidding.

It worked in Chile.