Saturday, 8 May 2010

Lab Lib Con

Bad news for Labour supporters but good news for the mechanic who gets paid to modify the suspension on Ken Clarke's Government car as it looks as though David Cameron and the Conservatives are going to get their grubby little hands on the keys to number 10.
The whole election thing was all a bit of an anti-climax really as nobody gained enough votes to rule outright and it all comes down to backroom deals to see who can get the 326 seats needed to make a Government.
The Liberal Democrats support tanked to 4 seats less although they actually got more votes than last time and the Labour Party shed almost 100 seats to finish a long way behind the posh boy's party.
As much as i wouldn't like to see a Conservative party back in power to continue the great sell off that they began last time, a deal that would see the much more central Lib Dem's sharing power would actually suit me.
The Iraq war lost any chance of me voting Labour until the instigators such as Brown and Straw are well away from the scene of their crime and the Libs would temper any manic right wing intentions the Conservatives held.
I'm quite content with that and it would be highly unfair if the Labour and Liberal parties, who came 2nd and 3rd, stitched it up between them when the voters obviously didn't think either was good enough to win the thing.
A weakened Conservative Party in power with Vince Cable, an actual economist in charge of the economy, fancy that, and Ken Clarke the Foreign Secretary i can swallow.
Hopefully, five years on, Labour will have purged itself of the morons who have been running it and we can have our Labour Party back again.


The Ghost of Richard Nixon said...

It seems that your parliament will now become similar to Italy or India. A semi-impotent coalition trying hard to maintain cohesion while stumbling along in ineffective pain.

Strap in. You're in for some laughs!

Nog said...

Clegg must be having a hard time. Getting more than 20% of the vote and less than 10% of the seats is just nasty. If I were British I would probably have voted for the Lib Dems so that they'd get rid of the plurality voting system.

Falling on a bruise said...

I think we will be in for some laughs Richard.

I like Clegg and i wanted the Lib Dems to do well so it would become a 3 party race rather than a 2 but for whatever reason, his support deserted him on the day.

Cheezy said...

"Getting more than 20% of the vote and less than 10% of the seats is just nasty."

Could not agree more. That's why, when I'm told I live in a 'democracy', I just grin and say "Mmmmm, kinda".

"The Iraq war lost any chance of me voting Labour until the instigators such as Brown and Straw are well away from the scene of their crime"

I can't agree that GB was in any way responsible for the Iraq clusterf*ck. He still feels obliged to speak up for what transpired during those shameful days, cos that's the way it is when you inherit power, but if you think he's speaking from his heart, then I think you're wide of the mark. GB's preoccupation was (and still is) the economy - Blair told GB to pull his head in, vote for the pre-arranged invasion, and he could carry on his merry way with the purse strings, which GB duly did. OK, this wasn't 'admirable' in any sense of the word, but it's obvious that the Tories would have joined with the invasion anyway, so it's not like the opposition was showing us the way...

Fair enough about Jack Straw though. He's a contemptible enemy of democracy who cares more for the lint in his bellybutton than he does for the opinions of the likes of you or I.

PS: Did you get a good laugh out of that condescending thug Charles Clarke being shown the door? Best moment of the night, for my money.

Falling on a bruise said...

I liked the Jaqui Smith removal and Esther Rantzen not getting in. I imagined Smith's husband sitting in his living room thinking what an expensive couple of porn films that turned out to be. As for Esther, what makes a celebrity think they can do the job? Just because she had a show about carrots shaped like a pecker, doesn't mean she would make a good MP.