Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Anarchy in the UK

In only slightly less than the time it took England and France to settle the 100-Year War, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have reached an agreement and it seems that Britain will be going to bed tonight with a new Prime Minister.
Due to the pomp and tradition that surrounds anything to do with Parliament, the old leader has to go to the Queen and over a cream doughnut and a cup of tea, officially resign and name his successor. She accepts it and calls for the new guy who turns up and takes over the reins.
Interestingly, there is 60 mins between one going and one taking over when the nation is officially in a period of anarchy with nobody in charge.
Anarchists have a bad press because they are associated with the bottle throwing and bank window smashing hordes that descend on events like the G8 but any philosophy that has Lemmy and Johnny Rotten advocating it has to be worth a go.
The irony is that if Gordon Brown had handed in his resignation before the General Election, the Labour Party would have performed better and although they still may not have beaten the Conservatives, they would have gained enough seats to have reached the 326 needed with the Lib Dems but he didn't and now he is off for the last cuppa with Liz.
While he does, the Sex Pistols wish for Anarchy in the UK has come true, if only for an hour anyway.


Nog said...

Yeah, who makes the decisions then? Is the Queen directly in charge for that hour? What if something happens, does she call up Brown and says "get your ass back here, we've got a problem!"?

Cody Bones said...

I've always been fascinated with the "Left's" fascination with Anarchy. It seems to me that anarchy would be the polar opposite of the big government/socialistic tendencies. of today. I've always considered it closer to libertarian sensibilities.

The Ghost of Richard Nixon said...

As someone who is no friend of the left, let me be clear when I say I certainly do not approve of anarchy.

We Republicans get a great deal of mileage out of accusing the "left" of big government, but when I was president, I made sure that government was used to maintain the sort of order and control required to keep the hippies and radicals in line.

Even more, I made sure that I used the various powers of government agencies to keep tabs on any and all enemies of mine.

Conservatives often bellow about the big government of the left, but nobody does oppressive, intrusive, controlling government like we do!

Falling on a bruise said...

Not sure nog but it seems we made it without a crisis. Al Queada missed a chance there.

I did ask about anarchy cody but it all got very complicated so i zoned out and went back to fantasising about cheryl cole.