Friday, 28 October 2011


On the side of one of the 250 tents pitched in the grounds of St Paul's Cathedral is scrawled 'What would Jesus do?'
What we know of Jesus is that he was a socialist and as such was no fan of the money men, even going so far as to chasing them out of a temple and judging by this picture, handing out a sound thrashing to one of them.
This makes it even more ironic that officials from St Paul's want to force protesters to remove their impromptu camp site as it is costing them around £20,000 a day in lost visitor revenues.
The Church of England website funding page tells us that the CoE raises just over £1000 million a year and has assets of £4.4 billion.
My guess would be that what Jesus would do would be to ask the Church what part of the rich man/camel/eye of the needle analogy it didn't understand and then probably punch the Archbishop of Canterbury in the face and tell him to stop being such a dick. Just a guess.


David G said...

If Jesus reappeared today he would be lynched by the rich and powerful.

They don't want no long-haired do-gooder preaching about peace or saying that greed is evil.

They want more war and more killing and greater profits and infinite power and bugger the meek who'll inherit nothing but endless poverty and starvation and serves them right!

Chris said...

I'm not impressed by Jesus's violent streak. I don't know if they had anger management 2000 years ago but he should have gone there instead of messing about with bread and fish.