Friday, 28 September 2012

Americans Won't Get This Post

It always make me smile that the Germans have no word for Schadenfreude or the French have no way of saying rendezvous but i didn't know that the English have words that don't exist in the American vocabulary.
Brilliant, we can talk about them now and they won't know.
No more faffing about with all that daft political correctness crap just to avoid a kerfuffle, if they cant suss out what we are saying then in future then they can bloody well naff off somewhere else. Effing cheek of it.
The Not One-Off Britishisms blog has a list of words and phrases that are relatively unknown in America which we use over here such as cock-up, dodgy and shite which funnily enough were all words used frequently on British blogs during the George W Bush era.     
I would be a proper arse not to take the opportunity to have a laugh at the yankees expense and they would be proper gobsmacked if they knew, they get their knickers in a twist over most things anyway, the plums.  
I have my fingers crossed that there are no Americans amongst us, it wouldn't be clever to bad mouth people directly before opening the comments section where i'm sure someone would want to have a quiet word with me and i'm not keen on that. Nope, don't fancy that at all.
Anyway, good on our mate at the NOOBS blog for doing such a spot on job of making a short-list of the words and phrases that us Brits can use to insult Americans while we pretend to get on with them. 
Have a look at the barmy way they do the date and have knackered the language by dropping the letter u, its a vowel for crying out loud!"   
Hang on, the NOOBS blog says these are all phrases and words that are now being used in America which means they will understand bits of it.
Oh bugger and bollocks.


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