Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dangers Of GM Food Revealed

I have been against genetically modified food ever since it was first mentioned back in the 1990's. Not only did it sound unhealthy but it was one of those situations where if any contamination of the countryside occurred, it would be impossible to put the genie back in the bottle if a decade down the line it turned out that GM crops were unsafe after all.
America seem much more relaxed about GM food, a study by the International Food Information Council shows that 77% of Americans would be likely to buy products that had been genetically engineered which is lucky considering that 76% of the American soybean crop was GM, as well as 32% of its corn.
Monsanto is the largest GM seed seller in the World and there has been a few controversies surrounding them including widespread bribery of government officials and former Monsanto employees holding positions in US government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
A major contributor to the Republican Party, George W Bush blasted the restriction of genetically modified foods into the European Union where the vast majority of the public reject the idea of our food being tinkered with genetically. Wikileaks cables showed that American diplomats urged Washington to punish European countries that opposed the growth of genetically modified crops, even pressuring the Pope to announce his backing for the technology to 'influence a wide segment of the population in Europe and the developing world’.
Big business GM food and Europe has stubbornly refused to accept it while America embraces it but a report from the Health & Safety Agency of the French government may leave a bitter taste in the mouth and a little something much more nastier elsewhere.
French scientists have revealed that rats fed on GM corn sold by American firm Monsanto, suffered tumours and other complications including kidney and liver damage.
"Based on the conclusion, the government will ask the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health, measures that could go as far as an emergency suspension of imports of NK603 maize in the European Union," the French health, environment and farm ministries said in a joint statement.
Researchers from the University of Caen found that rats fed on a diet containing NK603 – a seed variety made tolerant to amounts of Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller – or given water mixed with the product, at levels permitted in the United States – died earlier than those on a standard diet.
The research conducted by Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues, said the rats suffered mammary tumours, as well as severe liver and kidney damage.
Fifty percent of male and 70 percent of female rats died prematurely, compared with only 30 percent and 20 percent in the control group, said the researchers.
In the wake of the publication, Jose Bove, vice-chairman of the European Parliament’s commission for agriculture, called for an immediate suspension of all EU cultivation and import authorisations of genetically modified crops.
Hopefully this report will be shouted loud and long and the debate over GM foods will now be closed down for good and while we would have dodged the bullet over here, over there in America, it must be a worry about what they have been eating, what the cost to their health may be and why their Governments have been so easily persuaded to force an untested product on them.


david g said...

Ah, Lucy, the American Dream has struck again in the form of the Monsanto Monsters.

Monsanto is a creation of Satan and it doesn't care who it kills as long as it makes huge profits.

It bludgeons the farmers who buy its 'Products of the Killing' and ensures that they can't use anything else as far as seed is concerned.

Yeah, the whole world should embrace capitalism U.S.-Monsanto-style.

We won't need nuclear war then! We'll all be poisoned.

david g said...

P.S. Dow Chemicals and Monsanto made Agent Orange too!

Anonymous said...

dg, try to focus dude. Dow and monsanto are chemical companies. agent orange is a chemical. shocking. they also make paint - OH MY GOD!!!

Lucy, the USA definintely has higher cancer rates than most of the world and the cancer rate is much higher than it was in 1970.

it is hared to buy food that doesn't have corn syrup in it. i suppose i may have dodged the GM corn bullet because of the diet i prefer. i have eaten high protein, low carb diet most of my life. eggs, butter, fish, fresh veggies, fresh fruit and stuff like that.


cheezy said...

Corn syrup is the hidden cause of much of the current obesity epidemic, but in general, I'm in favour of science looking for new and innovative ways of trying to solve the world's food problems. Too many hippies just hear the phrase 'GM' and want to run a mile into the forest...

We just can't leave it 100% up to corporations to dictate what we ingest, cos the bottom line for them is always profits, and externalising the costs of their business (to us, and to future generations). But if we can control this aspect of it then I have no qualms about experimenting with GM...

David: Satan doesn't exist. I thought you knew this.

Lucy said...

David, i didn't know until recently that farmers who buy seeds from Monsanto have to buy a new batch ever year. Not sure if it is because the seeds only grow once and their seeds are sterile or Monsanto just won't let them (i came across a few reasons so not sure which is correct) but that must alter the very idea and the expense of farming. Profits for the seed providers either way.

If the report is confirmed and i imagine there will be more tests now, it seems you made a wise decision q.

I am not against science providing a way for us all to feed ourselves Cheezy, it may have to the way we are going, but it needs to be 100% safe and given the okay by independent scientists because it is just too important. It would need to be tested over the long term and in conditions where if it did turn out to be a bad idea, we have not contaminated the countryside.

cheezy said...

"It would need to be tested over the long term and in conditions where if it did turn out to be a bad idea, we have not contaminated the countryside"

Absolutely agreed. All I'd add though, is that for some people GM will always be 'wrong', no matter what the results of these stringent tests, so we shouldn't let that small subset of ideologues dictate food policy for the rest of us.

david g said...

It's a pity we couldn't GM some humans, Lucy.

If we got rid of their penchant for greed and killing and their pathetic belief in theological fairy tales, we might end up with a half-decent world for a change!

Anonymous said...


not funny. ibm got over 9,000 animal GM patents granted in one year...