Saturday, 3 November 2012

Obama Win Good For Gun Manufacturers

Google Trends is still predicting a win for Obama and as it has done so well with every other major election this year, i am willing to go along with that as would the firearms manufacturer in America who say they have seen a sales increase of 86% since the beginning of the Obama administration. 
Obama, it would seem, is expected by gun toting Americans to wage a war on the right to bear arms as a win on Election Day would mean he would be free to do those things that he didn't dare in the first 4 years as they would have lessened his chances of re-election this time around.
As a Senator, Obama had a record of voting against guns and an NRA advert, part of a $11 million campaign it has launched, advising gun owners that a vote for Obama is a vote for gun control.
'Gun owners and hunters fear that a second Obama administration with no future political campaigns to worry about will try to destroy this great American freedom' ia the advert’s message, nodding towards the two Obama appointed Supreme Court justices considered anti-gun.
Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the NRA, warned that 'If President Obama is re-elected, we’re going to see an anti-Second-Amendment, anti-freedom rampage in this country like we’ve never seen before'.
I would have thought if Obama was going to bring in tighter gun laws his window of opportunity would have been straight after one of the mass shootings such as the one at the Colorado cinema shooting or maybe he knows that in America, he will always get another opportunity in his second term because the next mass shooting is always only a short wait away.


Anonymous said...

he can direct ATF and others to strictly enforce laws and stuff like that, but the house has to create/change laws. we attribute too much success and failure to our presidents as part of political obsfiscation.


Lucy said...

You had better get rid of your guns now though q, just in case.