Saturday, 24 November 2012

Solving The Arafat Death Mystery

Its probably the worst timing possible but the remains of the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat are to be exhumed to examine whether he was the recipient of a lethal radioactive dose of polonium-210  courtesy of Israel.
Arafat's death in 2004 was always mysterious and the mystery deepened after French authorities began a murder enquiry in August following the detection of traces of polonium-210 on Arafat's underwear, toothbrush and hat. Those tests were inconclusive and Swiss, Russian and French experts said
they need to check his remains to learn more although they have already warned that polonium-210, the same toxin Moscow used to assassinate Alexander Litvinenko in 2006, is known to rapidly decompose, and there may not be enough remaining samples sufficient for testing.
'These stories are simply ridiculous' blustered Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev but the medical records of Arafat appear to show that doctors could not determine the underlying cause of his death at the time and his death came a year after Israel's then vice prime minister, Ehud Olmert, said: 'Arafat can no longer be a factor in what happens here. The question is: How are we going to do it? Expulsion is certainly one of the options, and killing is also one of the options.'  
During the three years leading up to his death, the Israeli siege prevented Arafat from leaving his bullet-riddled government headquarters in Ramallah.
Mahmoud Abbas's political adviser, Nimr Hamad, has said 'if we find polonium in his body, it is 99.9 percent certain that it was Israel' and you know that spells trouble as and just from Gaza this time as the whole Middle East will erupt so we can only hope that no radioactive material is found and Israel is not the responsible party for Arafat's death.


Nog said...

If I were the Israelis, I'd make it seem like I killed him so that Fatah would be strengthened against Hamas. Of course it would not have been to Israel's benefit to kill Arafat.

Lucy said...

If they admit it then Abbas and the Fatah controlled West Bank would erupt. There has always been rumblings that Abbas was complicit in a coverup over Arafat's death and he would be chased out of office. Arafat was seen as hero there.
Arafat was seen as 'in the way' as Israel wanted Abbas in control who they were on better terms with and more likely to accommodate them when it come to terms as has been proved as Israel continue hiving off bits of Abbas's West Bank with little resistance which could not have happened when Arafat was around.

Anonymous said...

i would think that if he was poisoned it was someone that knew him! not an israeli...