Sunday, 12 July 2015

High Hopes For Tony Abbot

It was always a concern that when George W Bush shuffled off into the Texan sunset the World would never again find a leader so toe curlingly stupid but fears have been allayed because we have Australian Tony Abbot filling that Bush shaped hole.
We have had sexist comments such as he has referred to abortion as 'abortion is the easy way out for women', 'women are physiologically unsuited to leadership' and his election campaign contained the alarming 'Vote for me because I’m the guy with the not bad looking daughters'.
His lack of green credentials have led to his belief that  wind farms are “visually appalling, noisy, and a potential health risk' while claiming 'Coal is good for humanity'.  Cynics would say that his view chiming exactly with the fossil fuel lobby in Australia who make massive political donations to his party is just a coincidence.
His view on gay marriage and homosexuality itself is that he feels 'threatened' by it and that 'homosexuality challenges orthodox notions of the right order of things'.
Leaving aside tasteless jokes about thick Irishmen and Aborigines, his most high profile moment came at the G20 summit when Abbot had talked tough about Russian president Putin and saying that he was going to shirtfront him when the Russian turned up, when Mr Putin showed up Abbot handed him a Koala Bear and then posed for cute pictures.
He may not be in the GWB league of idiocy just yet but he still has some time left to elevate himself higher.

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