Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Return Of Fox Hunting

As anyone with more than a single brain cell clanging about their heads knows, chasing foxes and other animals over the countryside and tearing them to bits for fun is barbaric, cowardly and the actions of pathetic human beings.
No surprise then that ten years after the Hunting Act banned the hunting of wild mammals with dogs, the Conservatives are throwing it back on the agenda by seeking to relax the act so that the big brave huntsmen can use a full pack of hounds rather than a pair of dogs as at present to flush a fox out before shooting it.
You don’t need pictures to see that this idea is a return to the bad old old days because the hunters know that once hounds have the scent of a fox, calling them off is likely to be impossible and its tally ho and the chinless wonders are stomping across fields where the fox is painfully ripped to bits by the teeth of the dogs.
You have to be a special kind of sadist to get your kicks from killing animals for your entertainment and we did make as step forward with previous legislation but this is a massive step back. 
But foxes are killing our chickens bray the hunters in some warped justification of their 'sport', true they do but foxes kill to survive while you do it for pleasure so which of you does that make the biggest monster?

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