Thursday, 16 July 2015

All Change At 33

There are not many things us adults all agree on but one thing we can say for definite is that we all think that music today is rubbish.
I grew up in the 70s and was a teenager in the 80s and those years were pretty poor also but today's tunes, phew, what a stinker.
Now we can say that our parents told us the same thing when we were dancing around our bedroom to Duran Duran (No? Just me then?) and praising George Michael and Andrew Ridgely as much more talented than that Beatles rubbish they listened to in their days. 
At some point though someone flicks a switch and we go from listening to the radio in wonder at the greatest generation of musicians ever to listening to the radio just so we can throw our hands up in the air and despair at the talentless dweebs making music these days.  
Scientists have managed to pinpoint the precise moment when the switch flicks on (or off depending on your point of view) and that is at 33 years of age.
The science goes that at 33 years you begin to get stressed by the modern world and sink back into the familiar music of your youth so people of my generation will hate anything made this side of 2000 unless it is a remake of something from our era which we will hate on principle as it somehow proves that they are less talented today.
I'm not sure at what age you listen to a Rod Stewart song and think: 'Actually, this is quite good' but i'm not there yet thank goodness.

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