Wednesday, 27 January 2016

UK Role In Yemen

Britain’s role in exporting arms and providing military advisers for the Saudi Arabian-led bombing campaign in Yemen is under pressure today following a United Nations report which revealed widespread attacks on civilian targets, including refugee camps, civilian weddings, vehicles, medical facilities and schools in breach of International Law.
The UK sold over £1 billion worth of missiles, rockets and bombs to Saudi Arabia since last summer in a glorious bit of war profiteering as the Saudi military lurch into Yemen.
David Cameron has defended the arms sales to Saudi Arabia insisting the UK has the 'strictest arms controls of any country in the world' and that the UK 'carefully monitors how Saudis use British-made weapons in relation to Yemen'.
That's all okay then, none of that taking the matter to the UN Security Council on account of all the dead civilians at the hand of the Saudi military and call for sanctions or drumming up support to remove a a murderous regime.
Easier to just deny everything, carry on selling the weapons and counting just how much each dead Yemeni civilian is worth to the UK economy.


Keep Life Simple said...

Are saying the Saudi's couldn't manufacture their own weapons? You either sell arms, let someone else, or let folks make their own. Regardless, you don't stop the human willingness to use force.

Falling on a bruise said...

Our government don't want to stop it, it is making them billions.