Wednesday, 20 January 2016

American Gun Laws Should Be Obama's Legacy

A three-year-old boy has died after a gun under his grandmother's pillow apparently went off as they slept.
The bullet struck the toddler in the chest at his grandmother's home in New Orleans authorities said.
The boy's grandmother has been arrested on charges of negligent homicide, second-degree cruelty to a juvenile and child desertion. 
Makes a mockery of the guns for self-defence justification as yet another death attributed to a gun law that allows people to keep such dangerous weapons in their homes.
Beyond me why you would want a weapon designed and built to kill in your home and bewildering to think that anyone would keep it in the bed.
It isn't even an isolated incident, we keep hearing of accidental deaths where children grab guns that adults have left within their grasp, the mother accidentally shot and killed by her child in a supermarket after he took her gun from her purse and another who killed his mother after finding her gun in the family car.
Madness but it appears many people in America feel it is a price worth paying to uphold the sainted second amendment and if the violent gun death of 23 children in a school isn't enough to shake things up to change the law then the occasional accidental death of a toddler will be tolerated.
While it may be the fault of the parents and grandparents for not keeping their guns out of the reach of small hands, it is the fault of the manic American gun laws that let's them have them around them in the first place.
If Obama is after a legacy, there are worse things he could do then sort out the chilling relationship of American's with their firearms.


Anonymous said...

yes, the facts you offered about her are correct.

the facts you left out about her are that the 42 year old single grandmother, is a security guard (supposedly trained so no excuse for her incompetence), previously charged with solicitation for murder in 2005 (not exactly a stellar vitae), living in New Orleans (one of the highest violent crime rates in America).

there are places New Orleans like Algiers (famous violent crime including abduction for sex slavery) and the French Quarter (where the city has posted signs that say "no police protection beyond this point" - not kidding)

and true to your left views, you would bring all people down to the lowest common denominator (in the case of guns this woman). you use her irresponsibility to justify taking guns away from responsible people like me.

my guns are locked away in a gun vault. don't take away my freedom because of idiots. STOP IT


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, we have a president not a king (don't tell Obama). he can't do shit to inhibit our second amendment rights.


Anonymous said...

it was semi-automatic that "accidently discharged". for that to happen means a round was chambered (a no no), the safety was off (a no no), and the trigger was pulled. All that had to happen for it to "accidentally discharge".

so, while it was accidental, it was an accident built on many mistakes:
- gun loaded
- round chambered
- safety off
- gun not locked away
- adult not paying attention to gun
- adult not paying attention to child


Falling on a bruise said...

I don't know the facts, only the bare minimum because it was a short piece in a newspaper which was more about saying 'look at this gun madness' for us Brits to tut at.