Sunday, 24 January 2016

Weather Systems Ramping Up

What some people do not understand in the climate change debate is that weather is not climate so to blame a bad spell of weather on climate change is as misleading as using a period of good weather to dispel the changes happening.
What climate change does do though is take what is already there and ramp it up so the rains are heavier, the winds stronger and the heatwaves hotter and longer and weather records tumble as we see in the eastern side of the United States where massive, unprecedented snowstorms have hit.
As America was for such a long time the Worlds premier polluter, fair enough you may say that they reap what they sowed for so long by devastating the atmosphere and you hope that it is the climate change deniers who are snowed in and sitting around a candle for warmth as the snowstorm knocks out their electricity.  
It won't be though as the changing climate won't discriminate between those who are hard core environmentalists and those who refuse to accept what they see with their own eyes amongst the hundreds of thousands of homes without power.
The Met Centre are tracking the storm and predict that it will cross the Atlantic and hit Britain on Tuesday bringing bringing up to 8ins (20cm) of rain and prompting the issuing of severe flood warnings.
The weather system that has bought such devastation to America and is due to dump over half a foot of rain on the UK next week may well have happened anyway and we have been getting the tail end of Americas storms for centuries thanks to the Jet Stream but you would have to be wilfully blind or just plain ignorant to see that things on the weather front have shifted up a few levels.


Keep Life Simple said...

What, the U.K was filling the skies with gagging coal smoke before the US even existed and continued polluting more until the US population exceeded the British population. Of course, everyone knows that we then rebuilt the world, so yeah we created more pollution because nobody else could produce anything else after WW2. So, now, you turn on us and say mean things. Not very nice. Plus, if we eliminated 100% of our pollution, it would not equal the increase created by China, India, and Brazil. Be nice.

Falling on a bruise said...

I'm always nice.