Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Zika Virus

There hasn't been a health scare story for a while in the newspapers so we were overdue one and on cue Zika Virus turns up to scare us all.
One person has tested positive in Denmark for the mosquito-borne virus along with Italy, Spain, UK and Switzerland registering several people infected with the disease.
U.S. public health officials have announced that the United States must prepare for the inevitable arrival of Zika virus that has spread to 21 countries in the Americas with 4,120 documented cases in Brazil alone.
In an effort to dampen any panic, the World Health Organisation have released a press release that advises the Zika virus is contracted through mosquito bites but cannot be spread by human contact.
Italy has reported several cases of the virus, saying that all the people infected had recently returned from Latin America and the Caribbean and the Danish tourist in today's case had recently visited South and Central America and suffered a high fever, headache and muscle pain.
Pregnant women are most at risk, as the virus has been linked to serious birth defects but i am sure that the press won't let a good health scare go to waste.

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