Saturday, 23 January 2016

Socialism Is The Devils Work

While some see left-wing ideology as a reflection of the teachings of Jesus, some right-wing Christians believe that socialism has its roots in Satan Worship, right wingers like the hard-right website Canada Free Press who tell it's readers that the foundations of socialism lie in the heresy of a fallen and bitter priest named Joachim of Flora who in the late 12th Century claimed that the church would wither away and leave a beautiful utopia.
The Christians see a link between the Joachim of Flora view and Karl Marx's who centuries later picked up the thread for his Communist Manifesto where the State would fade away and all people live in harmony, sharing everything and fighting over nothing, in a anti-religious, godless Communist paradise.
The loonies then state that Satan is a perfect symbol for socialism as it sets out to remake the world of
mankind without any reference to God.
After a lot of waffling the website deduces that Socialism was invented by Satan in an attempt to seize control of the Earth and Socialists are doing the work of the Devil when they push their satanic views on to others.
Blimey, i must have missed that memo but it is always nice when right wing religious nutters bring me up to speed.


Anonymous said...

About the only thing as nutty as socialism coming from satan, is the idea of "all people living in harmony, sharing everything and fighting over nothing".

Falling on a bruise said...

We could have a drip down effect where all the money goes to the top and drips down to the bottom, i'm sure that would work out fine and it wouldn't just hemorrhage at the top. Wouldn't it?

Keep Life Simple said...

I don't about that, I just know that human nature is deeply set and making significant sacrifices for strangers is extremely rare. We call them martyrs.

Falling on a bruise said...

We call them Charity workers here.