Saturday, 27 May 2017

UKIP Fighting Rickets

All this time we thought UKIP was a nasty little party of racists but their manifesto has made it clear why they want to ban the burqa and it turns out it's all because of potential vitamin deficiency.
The party, which has long advocated a burqa ban, said that: 'Clothing that hides identity, puts up barriers to communication, limits employment opportunities, hides evidence of domestic abuse and prevents intake of essential Vitamin D from sunlight'.
The statement unsurprisingly prompted the question that don't all clothes prevent vitamin D intake?
Not one to be bogged down in logic, the UKIP leader, Paul Nuttal, said that the burqa ban is: 'more important than it has ever been', assumingly referring to the few days of sunshine we receive in this rainy country but disappointingly ignoring altogether if they were moving towards a  pro-nudist stance where all vitamin D blocking material, or clothes as they are also known, are banned.
So if you want a party that is fighting rickets and the causes of rickets, you know where to put your cross next month.

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