Sunday, 3 September 2017

How To...

If only i had paid more attention in school was once a regular lament by older people but now we have the internet so you can look up how to do almost anything as long as you know how to use Google, if you don't then you really wasn't paying attention were you.
It would appear that the internet has the answers to everything and the Google search engine recently shared a list of the most frequently asked 'how to' questions on the service.
Since 2004 'how to...' based searches have increased by more than 140% and usually involve people asking how to fix household items so they can have a go at mending the TV or vacuum cleaner themselves before shelling out for a repairman
The top ten according to Google:

1.  How to tie a tie
2.  How to kiss
3.  How to get pregnant
4.  How to lose weight
5.  How to draw
6.  How to make money
7.  How to make pancakes
8.  How to write a cover letter
9.  How to make French toast
10. How to lose belly fat

Some of these could have easily been answered if you hadn't been smoking behind the bike sheds during GCSE biology, art or cookery although the second, third and fourth questions look to be in quite a logical order.

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