Friday, 29 September 2017

It's All About The Safety For Us Brits

I guess if you were spending £133 billion of our money on something you would be looking for a good reason justify it which is why the Government today wheeled out that we need nuclear missiles because if us plucky Brits didn't have them, it would: 'make the world a more dangerous place'.
How a small island off the coast of Europe with a dark history of invading other countries having the capacity to wipe out millions of lives in one fell swoop is not a dangerous thing i can't really understand but then most of the the nuclear powers are amongst the last countries that should have them.
During a tour of the nuclear submarine base in Scotland with NATO Secretary general, The Defence Secretary threw out North Korea as another reason to keep the nukes, stating that when North Korea threatens America, it threatens the whole of NATO, raising the prospect that Royal Navy submarines could be used to defend America in the event of an attack.
That would be Britain and our 120 nuclear missiles protecting America armed with 4000 nuclear missiles of their own then.
Next time anyone hears a Brit moaning about the sweeping austerity cuts we should remind them that running down the NHS and taking benefits off the disabled is a small price to pay for keeping the World safe and protecting America from those nasty North Koreans.
Sure all the other countries without nuclear weapons are spending their billions on improving the lives of their citizens but us British have always been about keeping the World safe, even if we had to invade most nations and kill many of its population to do it.

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