Monday, 25 September 2017

Mail Piece On Global Warming Rubbished

Earlier this year the Mail newspaper ran a piece attacking National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate scientists based on an interview with former NOAA scientist John Bates.
The UK press regulator, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) has now ruled that the Mail piece was inaccurate and misleading and failed to correct these significantly misleading statements following a complaint from Bates that the Mail, along with Fox News, had grossly misrepresented his words which had subsequently then reverberated through the right-wing media echo chamber.
The right wing Mail has a long history of climate denial, including error-riddled stories on Arctic sea ice, Antarctic sea ice, human-caused global warming, even the very existence of global warming to such a degree that Wikipedia editors consider it an unreliable source and banned its use.
Climate change deniers have no no qualms about pushing inaccuracies from unreliable sources, as long as the story advances their climate denial agenda and trying to manufacture doubt about human-caused global warming.
Although the Mail's on Sunday’s 'significantly misleading statements' have been exposed, their misinformation has been spread around millions of people and repeated by the useful idiots who cling to anything, even blatant lies, to back up their weak arguments against the 98% of climate scientists who warn us continuously that we are warming the planet dangerously fast and the catastrophic  consequences if we don't deal with it quickly.

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