Thursday, 13 September 2018

Call In The Space Force

Our single star has eight planets circling it and there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy and there are 200 billion galaxies strung out across the Universe and if we say each star has at least four planets orbiting it, well, i don't have enough fingers to work out how many potential planets that is in all but it's a lot and it would be madness to think life wasn't on at least one of them.
Whether they are coming here to take a look at us funny looking carbon based bipeds is another story but the FBI is acting strange or rather stranger than usual anyway.
FBI agents have swooped on a space institution, the Sunspot Solar Observatory, evacuated it and banned from Sun observations for a week and closed off the entire area.
Local police said they had received reports that FBI agents arrived in a Blackhawk helicopter and swooped around the observatory. They would not even tell the local law enforcement why they were there, police said.
The mystery and the observatory's usual work has led to theories across the internet suggesting the shutdown came after scientists spotted something they shouldn't have.
This sound like a job for Donald Trump's Space Force!

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