Saturday, 8 September 2018

Jail Time For Musicians

The general attitude in many of the more religious nations is that music is forbidden so stores do not have music playing and music is not taught in schools and musicians have even been jailed for writing songs and worse for songs that are deemed anti-state.  
Amnesty Internationals position on this is that: 'This is a ludicrous way to treat people just for writing songs' but hold on Amnesty, let's not be too hasty here because but i know a few song writers that would benefit all of us if we started banging up anyone who is an affront to music.
First in the dock getting life with no parole would be Paul McCartney for pretty much everything since 1970 and following him in would be The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Phil Collins for clogging up my radio with tosh for as long as i can remember.
Billy Ray Cyrus deserves a spell in solitary for 'Achy Breaky Heart' in the cell next to his daughter and down the corridor Celine 'My Heart Will Go On' Dion and if someone had arrested the Village people after 'YMCA' we would have been spared 'In the Navy'.
All Reggae groups should be locked away for a long time for having careers which consisted of every song having the same tune and Meatloaf should face a jury for making every song 10 minutes long.
A suspended sentence should be handed down to all country music singers and anyone who uses an Hawaiian guitar in their songs, female singers who do that wobbly voice thing where they go up and down the scales mid-song, actors who think they can sing, comedy singers and boy bands who sing vaguely remembered 70's ballads with their shirts off and any band who sells the rights of their songs to advertisers and ruin that special song by forever being associated with toilet roll.

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