Friday, 21 September 2018

Making America Irrelevant Again

Tuesday sees the UN General Assembly when the good, bad and ugly of the World turn up in New York and each take turn making a rambling speech pointing out the bad points of whatever country they currently have a beef with.
Representing America will be Donald Trump and although he promised to Make America Great Again, the nation is probably the most isolated i have ever known it with even the previous allies who followed them blindly over the abyss into Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq now keen to distance themselves from America.
Trump's America is finding itself increasingly isolated on Iran, Trade, Israel, Climate Change, Palestine and the International Criminal Court and other world leaders would just as soon avoid crossing paths with the President or doing their best to avoid any potential fallout.
Two years of bullying, threats and treating allies with disdain has strained traditional friendships and even nudged some onto the same side as traditional foe's such as Russia and China on issues like the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Accord, areas where America finds itself isolated and will only find a stony silence if it tries to drum up support for it's policies.
Trump will likely attack Iran, even issue more threats but it is hard to imagine anybody worth mentioning backing him up, especially as the global main players are on Iran's side in the issue and who will slap down any attempt by America to maneuver them into yet another regime change conflict.
Trump may be about to find out that he may shout the loudest but nobody is listening to him and rather than making America great, he has made it increasingly irrelevant on the international scene.

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