Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Renting Celebrities

How much does it cost to get a celebrity to turn up to your Birthday Party? Well if it is Brian Blessed it would set you back £10,000 you could get a sprinkle of celebrity dust on your Birthday Cake by hiring Jimmy Cricket for £3,000 instead. 
And what if you want a former Olympian to open your new office toilet? Eddie The Eagle Edwards Duncan will do it for £3,000 Duncan Goodhew and Sharon Davies will declare the bog open for £5,000 or you can have Daley Thompson for £15,000 while £20,000 will get you either Bradley Wiggins, Chris Hoy or Michael Johnson.
The Gordon Poole Agency lets you 'rent' celebrities for private events and prices run from £3,000 up to £20,000 plus and includes politicians in the £5,000 range (Anne Widdicombe, Christine Hamilton, David Mellor, George Galloway), £10k (John Prescott, Michael Portillo, Alistair Campbell) or you can spend £15k on Eammon Holmes or blow £20k on James May who would probably have a look at that squeaky clutch pedal as he is there.
Footballer available are Neil 'Razor' Ruddock and Paul Merson (£5k), Kevin Keegan, Stuart Pearce (£10k), David Seaman, Glenn Hoddle (£15k), Ruud Guillet (£20K) or Ryan Giggs (20k plus) while you can discuss googlies and whipping off bails with Phil Tuffnell for just £10k.
There really is a celebrity available for every occasions and every pockets ranging from chefs including Anthony Worral Thompson (£5k) and Paul Hollywood (£20k) or snooker players like Jimmy White and Steve 'Interesting' Davies (£5k) or a game of tennis in the local park with Boris Becker (£20K).
The top celebrities, costing £20k plus are Al Murray, Bear Grylls, Dara O Briain, Emma Willis, Frank Skinner, Graham Norton, Greg Davies, Jack Dee, Jeremy Paxman, Jimmy Carr, Joana Lumley, Lenny Henry, Michael McIntyre, Nigella Lawson, Rob Brydon, Russell Howard and Vic Reeves.
If i start saving now maybe i can get the £3,000 to get Paul Sinha onto our next Pub Quiz Team.

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