Friday, 26 April 2019

Spider-Man 2 Game Pizza Theme

I overheard a student talking about how he had found the Spider-Man 2 Game Pizza Theme on his little brother's toy guitar and then played it a recording he had made of it on his phone and his friends all agreed that it was the tune from Spider-man game and how weird that it was on an infants toy.
I guess it is no surprise that a bunch of 18 year olds didn't know the Funiculi Funicula was one of the most famous tunes around and if they are introduced to it through a Spider-Man game then better than not knowing it at all.
I always found Funiculi Funicula a brilliant tune but as it is sung Italian i didn't find out until years later it's a song written to commemorate the opening of the first funicular cable car although there is an English version called 'A Merry Life' which is about the world being made for fun and frolic and not being melancholic.
I do put it in my book of 'Songs that is just waiting to be sung properly' which will turn it into a classic along with 'The Impossible Dream' and Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah', two other songs just waiting to be picked up and done justice.

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