Sunday, 14 April 2019

The Future's Socialist Red

It is said that as you age your views become more right wing which is something the Conservative Party relied upon but their own research has discovered that the 'tipping point', or the age at which people are more likely to vote Conservative, has increased to 51.
Just 16% of under 35s said they would currently vote for the Tories while just 17% of Tory voters are under the age of 45 and only 4% are under 25.
When the age that the switch happened was lower, the Tories would dismiss the statistics as younger people might lean left rather than right, but since so many of them couldn’t be bothered to actually turn up at polling stations on the day, it didn't really matter but the 2017 election showing that two-thirds of British voters aged 18-25 voted Labour, they have got worried.
While there is some evidence that a number of people become slightly more conservative as they get older, in general most people carry their early political preferences with them as they age and among those aged between 45 to 54, Labour and Conservatives were level pegging but amongst the upcoming generations of 25-44-year-olds, the left wing Labour vote was double that of the Conservatives.
Even allowing for small defection from Labour to the dark side, the future is looking rosy for the left wing in the UK but the problem is what state the nation will be in once they get their hands on it after the Conservative wrecking ball has finished.

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