Saturday, 13 September 2008

Nothing To Lose Gordon So Just Go For It

"Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you," Kurt Cobain once sang, and God bless his rotting corpse if he wasn't right and Gordon Brown hasn't been nodding his head sagely to the Nevermind Album and mumbling something in his incoherent Scots brouge.
It is as certain as Hugh Grant playing a bumbling shy Englishman in his next film that Gordon Brown will be receiving the boot up his ample backside at the next election, if his own party doesn't remove him first, so my advice to him would be to stop trying to please everyone and just say stuff it and do what you want to do for the next 2 years. What has he got to lose? As it is he will slip away and only be remembered as that one eyed Scotsman who Tony Blair kept away from power for a decade and then piddled it all away doing nothing worthwhile when he finally got in.
You are the Labour Party, founded on Socialism and the party of the downtrodden and working person, just take a gamble and Socialise everything. If not able to re-nationalise them, Windfall Tax the life out of the grasping utilities companies and pass it on to the most affected by the abdominal rise in prices, remove the private sector creeping into the NHS and plough money into the National Health Service, whack up the minimum wage a few pound and raise the tax on the high earners to pay for it, either take us fully into, or withdraw us completely from the Europe Union, allow Scotland its independence and abolish the nasty ID scheme idea that has been following us around like a bad smell.
The worst that can happen is you are removed from power in two years, which is going to happen anyway so you have nothing to lose and it may prove popular and get you a few more votes. It may even save your bacon and make Britain safe from David Cameron and his Conservative Party. Go for it Gordy.


Cody Bones said...

"raise the tax on the high earners"

The high earners may or may not have the ability to pay this new LARGE tax, but the definitely have another ability, the ability to leave. If you chase enough of them away, the tax receipts go down not up. You may not like this, but it is fact. Just ask Phil Collins

Lucy said...

You say it as if chasing Phil Collins away to live go live on the side of a mountain was a bad thing Cody.
The rich are always making threats to leave but they never do, just grumble a bit and carry on as before. Paul Daniels is still hanging about although he has been threatening to leave since 1997 and everyone taking up a collection for his plane ticket.

Cheezy said...

Cody's totally correct that there is a level at which tax receipts will fall if you raise the higher rate by too much - as the better-off escape, evade, and avoid.

It's just that we're nowhere near that level in this country right now.

As you'd guess though, I'm extremely glad the water got too hot for Phil Collins.

Paul Daniels we've still got to work on :)