Saturday, 15 November 2008

The G20 Are On It

Nice to see that the 20 richest countries are meeting up to try and guide us all through the economic gloom, i am especially looking forward to the delegates food menu that will invariably be leaked to the media and will include hand raised albino swan fillets or something obscenely extravagant.
I couldn't help but notice that list of countries that are making the economic decisions include Italy, the same Italy that has recessions like other countries have Bank Holidays. The South European nation has racked up four in the past seven years, and remember this was during a boom time, so i can only assume Mr Berlusconi has been invited along to hand out the biscuits or something because that would be like asking Donald Trump for hair styling advice.
Our very own Gordon Brown will be there, no doubt buoyed by the latest opinion polls that seem to show that he is no longer detested by most of the British public but has managed to raise himself to just being widely loathed instead which is an improvement.
He seems to have found a groove for himself as the World economic genius, handing out advice and telling other countries how they should be running there economies as if the £2 trillion debt he has piled up during his reign as Chancellor and Prime Minister never happened.
Of course, what usually happens at these high level meetings is lots of photographic opportunities and then they all sit around a big table, decide nothing and agree to meet up again in six months time.
If you are living in fear of your life collapsing around your ears don't worry, the G20 boys are on it and they will do everything they can to get us out of the mess they got us into. Just as soon as they have finished there swordfish soup and lavender honey and caramelised nuts desert.

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Noah "Nog" M. said...

What's the 2 trillion number for?