Sunday, 2 November 2008

Pin Up President

The French are not renown for their sense of humour although Gérard Depardieu's acting skills always made me chuckle, so it is no surprise that the diminutive Français President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is stomping his tiny feet over a doll that has gone on sale in France.
A French court rejected President Nicolas Sarkozy's demand for a ban on a Sarkozy voodoo doll ruling that it was "within authorized boundaries of freedom of expression".
The Nicolas Sarkozy Voodoo doll comes with a set of 12 pins and a manual explaining how to put a curse on him and contains some of his best-known quotes such as the kind words he mumbled to a farmer who refused to shake his hands, telling him to "Get lost, you poor jerk."
Sarkozy is notoriously litigious when it comes to his image and this is the sixth time that he has taken a company to court over perceived slights against his name, recently being lifted down from his booster seat to go after two T-shirt producers who had made fun of his last name.
In Britain, with our highly developed sense of humour, we mock the 5'5" President for being an uppity short arse and being French and with the court ruling on these dolls bound to increase sales, he will now also be feeling a little prick. No change there then.


Noah "Nog" M. said...

If they want a pretty image aware president, they can vote in Palin.


effay said...

I remember back a year or so ago Sarkozy was vacationing somewhere up in Yankee territory and some paparazzi got some pics of him while he was on his boat. If I recall correctly, he made some rude gestures to the camera and, later, made some comments lamenting the fact that people in America actually have rights and stuff. Apparently the French have rights too.

Kvatch said...

The French are not renown for their sense of humour...

Well...what can you say about a people who think that Jerry Lewis is the funniest American ever.