Thursday, 12 March 2009

Dangerous Creation Blog

Seems that my new pal David at Dangerous Creations has run off back to his blog to whinge and cry about how a few of us pulled him up about his ridiculous comment that all 300 million Americans are 'heavily indoctrinated and ill-informed'.
Don't care if he has a pop at me for being boring or writing time wasting posts. Nobody holds a gun to his head to come here and if he is going to bitch and whine because some of us think that what he spouts is ludicrous nonsense, then he can stay at his own blog and slag off everyone who lives in America and Israel.
If he had the balls to come out and say i'm a dickhead then fair play to him as long as he allowed me the right to reply and didn't block the comments he didn't like, but to whinge about us at his blog and not have the decency to be open about who he is bitching about (let alone why) is just childish.
If you like your bloggers miserable and moaning about how terrible everything is with a fair sprinkling of bigoted and ill informed views, then i direct you to Dangerous Creations. If David hasn't got his head in the gas oven because he is depressed over something or getting himself all wound up over Americans, tell him i said hi and for christs sake cheer up.


Anonymous said...


I haven't been to his blog in about 4 months. It wasn't going well.

He had a fairly consistent format:
1. start with a negative thought
2. blame the problem (and I mean every problem in the world) on the USA
3. personally attack anybody that disagrees with him whether data based or not (I don't recall him conceeding one minor point, much less a major point, even with his avid readers)
4. shift into "arrogance mode" where he tells you are uneducated or illogical - mostly backed by the concept that you don't think like him

bottom line: he really only wants to interact with people that reinforce his views. Hey, with 6 billion people in the world he should be able to find a few...


Cheezy said...

Yeah, that's his entire schtick alright, Q. He never adds anything to any thread - other than the same old pompous insults and ludicrous generalisations. And it's a shame cos there's often some interesting banter - even some spirited disagreements - on this blog until he shows up. Then he changes the tone by behaving like an arsehole. Makes you wonder how he gets by in the real world, if he takes that attitude away from his computer and out his front door, doesn't it?

I wish him well.

Well away from here :)

O' Tim said...

What? An arsehole in Blogovia? I've never come across that before! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, sorry I missed it.

effay said...

You certainly pull a lot less punches than Lucy did.

Annie said...

Another dog pile.

Cody Bones said...

Daniel, if your reading this, all I can say is that for all your faults (and they are legion) you were always entertaining, stupidly yes, but entertaining nonetheless. I wonder what name you will pop up under this time. The Thelma and Louise bit was good too, you had everyone fooled.


Paul said...

One of the lines not to cross when Lucy let me take over till April was to not get into a blogwar with those she classes as 'decent people'. If she drags me away from the computer by my hair soon i will know if this covers David.
She does pull her punches effay but i don't have her debating skills or ability with words that she and you guys seem to have so i can only put it how i can.

David G said...

That this is given prominence under 'Top Posts' seems rather odd, Lucy.

It seems to clash with the 'Bloggers I like' list!

Which position is the real one?

Lucy said...

Apparently the Top Posts list is taken from the most read posts from the last few days. Does seem a bit unfair that this particluar post appears in it and also a mystery how it got into the top 5 unless your blog was being googled and this turned up in the list. I assure you that the opinion of the author is not representative of the blog owner.