Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A Quick Guide To The G20

The G20 is supposedly the 20 'most important industrialised economies' countries on the Planet and as such they plan to put there heads together and get us out of this mess we that find ourselves. Leaders from all corners of the globe are turning up in London to thrash out a deal to rejuvenate the world economy. To be frankly honest, just America and China need to get together and the other 18 leaders can stay at home but that wouldn't be so much fun.
Already the cracks are showing are they haven't even sat down to their first course of over-priced Jamie Oliver shark fin soup yet.
Germany is sniping at Britain and America and France's Nicolas Sarkozy is stamping his little feet, folding his arms and sticking out his bottom lip after his call for greater regulation of the banking system had been poo poo'd by everyone else.
Protocol insists that when they do get to sit down to their banquet, the host sits in the centre and the guests sit in decreasing influence as they move further down the table. Gordon Brown found himself on the end of the table at the last G8 summit but seeing as it's his party, he will find himself front and centre this time with America's Obama to his left and China's Hu Jintao to his right. The likes of France, Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Russia will be filling the middle seats but there is a real danger that Italy, the Netherlands, Argentina and Canada will find themselves balancing their plates on theirs laps in a corridor somewhere. How that quartet got into the G20 is a mystery, especially Italy who has recessions like other countries have seasons.
Once they finish rebuilding the World economy they will want to let their hair down and it is a strong possibility that the only reason Australia is represented is because of their Premier, Kevin Rudd who is most likely to get bladdered and waltz off to a strip club as he did previously after a UN meeting.
The best entertainment should be when the leaders meet the Queen and Prince Philip. If there isn't a Royal lackey standing by with a large handkerchief smothered with chloroform for when the Prince is introduced to the leaders, we could find ourselves at war with half of them by the end of the first day.


Annie said...
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Annie said...

4,000 protesters there? This proves to me what wimps we are over here. People don't fight for their rights to that degree in America. Not making a judgment either way-just observing.

Noah "Nog" said...

I'm not quite sure that anything at all can be accomplished in these GX meetings to solve "the global economic crisis". As is the common way of things with men, we always want some godly power to solve all of our individual and group problems.

Leadership is a great thing. But folks offering free lunches are selling snake oil. Assuming that God does not intervene on man's behalf here, the cold truth is that most folks are going to take licks.

There aren't enough rich folks to loot to even scrape the surface of the problem. Everyone probably focuses on this because it's so much easier and more comforting to think about. But if there is no God coming to save us and no Satan to kill, that means we have to solve our own problems.

want the best solution? Work hard, try to pay your bills, stop rioting, and wait.


Lucy said...

I haven't heard any firm numbers yet Annie but i know there was 4000 in Threadneedle Street outside the Bank of England. Glad to see that apart from a few idiots, it passed off peacefully.

Trying to pay your bills is where the problems start nog. Prices go up, wages don't so the only option is to cut back or get a second job and flog yourself to death to pay it all out to someone else.