Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Q is for...Quo

Not actually about the band Status Quo, more about band member Francis Rossi who chopped off his ponytail but it gives me a handy Q when i was struggling.
Between 16 and 25, men can possibly get away with a ponytail. Between 25 and 35 it looks kinda poncy and anything over 35 smacks of mid life crisis especially if they have a bald patch on top. It is the hairstyle equivalent of wearing socks with sandals, shouldn't really be done but that doesn't stop some people.
Not that balding men should not have long hair, i'm no fan of the shave it all off and nobody will know i'm balding style because it just looks as if you have shaved it all off so nobody can tell you are going bald.
It isn't easy for us men to choose a hairstyle that doesn't make us look like we are either trying to recapture our youth or have it cut sensibly and look as if we have joined the local Conservative Party. It could always been grown shoulder length and worn loose, just not tied back into a ponytail because otherwise you look like something out of Status Quo and even he has come to the realisation that at 60 and sporting a ponytail, he looked a prat.
Now if only he and the other one can learn a few more chords, they might be able to knock out a song that doesn't sound like everything else they have ever done.


Cody Bones said...

As someone who gets his head buzzed down to the nub, I have to say, if you got the hair, God bless, do whatever you want, your a lucky man. Paul, if I could grow my hair long, I would enjoy looking like a prat, not having hair sucks.

Cheezy said...

*Quo = wrong
*Ponytails = wronger
*Bon Jovi Perm circa 1986 = wrongest!
Baldness = better than all of the above, but still not ideal!

Serously though, I had fun doing wacky things with my hair (never ponytails though, I'm mainly talking about colouring it or doing 'the Robert Smith') while I had enough of it, so I don't really mind now that I can't. I've done my dash and what I've got now is low maintenance if nothing else.

So I'm still rock'n'roll really ;)

(To quote Millhouse from The Simpsons: "My mom says I'm cool!").

Cody Bones said...

"Bon Jovi Perm circa 1986 = wrongest!"

Since we are talking about full disclosure, I had the perm in 82. My mom also said I was cool

Cheezy said...


It sounds like Bon Jovi (and Poison and Def Lep and Motley Crue and Europe and Warrant etc, etc, etc) must have been copying you, Cody!

Is there some kind of 'Hair Crimes Tribunal' we can haul you up in front of?

(I can't really talk though - for a short and shameful period I did sport something akin to a mullet... although I preferred to call it a 'moolay').

Paul said...

I can't admit to the perm but i did sport a mullet back in the 80s and even the opposite at one point with long at the front and short at the back although no idea what thats called. Whatever the opposite of a mullet is i guess.
I do feel for you though cody, i would invest in a variety of hats if i ever lost my hair.

Anonymous said...

I'm not bald. Worse. I have about 25% of my hair left (not counting the stuff that grows on my ears). So, I shave everything that is left on my head right off - except eye brows and eye lashes.

Bald guy.