Saturday, 7 March 2009

O is for...Old Spice

When i was a young boy, my dad would ply himself with Old Spice aftershave. It wasn't a particularly bad smell but he would splash it on so liberally that you could smell whatever room he had been in for hours afterwards.
It was the same with my mums perfume which i remember used to make me sneeze.
It is nice for men to want to smell nice, we have all sat next to men who are not so keen to used the deodorant and i know which i prefer.
Where i work now, i am on the 7th floor and rather than take the stairs i join the queue for the lift every morning and i have worked out that a lift full of men can be an assault on the nose because they stink. Not a bad stink but a very overpowering stench of aftershave, hair gel and deodorant. As the day goes on the smell gets more bearable but that first blast in the morning, especially in the confines of a lift, is quite unpleasant.
Maybe it comes from experience but women don't seem to have this problem, the pleasant smell that surrounds them in the morning is confined to their immediate vicinity and doesn't linger.
Possibly the manufacturers of men products make their products so strong on purpose so the smell lasts all day but if we must use such overpowering smells, us men should avoid confined areas until the afternoon.

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USpace said...

I've found women's perfume to be much stronger, pungent and more noticeable than men's. I agree though that an enclosed place like an elevator can be over-powering.

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