Sunday, 1 March 2009

K is for...Karma

If there is one concept of religion that i would like to think is true it is the idea that good and bad deeds come back to slap you around the face at some point.
When the highly paid and arrogant Man Utd footballer Ronaldo wrapped his top of the range motor around a lamppost recently my first thought was serves him right for being such a cheating little rat. I then hoped that the lamppost wasn't too badly damaged, then that i needed to remember to pick up some shampoo and finally, was he hurt. He wasn't and he has since gone on to get booked for diving on numerous occasions but i do like the idea of people getting what they deserve.
The man who lets the door drop on me as i enter a shop or the cyclist who dives through the red light as i am crossing, i like to think that they have a small mishap during the day to even things up. Nothing bad, something annoying like they spill coffee down their white shirt or during a freak accident they get chewing gum in their hair.
I know that the idea of Karma is supposed to apply on a larger scale but I'd love to think that whoever dishes out these things is implementing it on a smaller scale also and the woman i saw today tread in dog poo had just been rude to a shop assistant.

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