Thursday, 31 May 2012

Another U Turn

The Treasury has announced the cap on tax relief for charitable donations proposed by George Osborne in the Budget is to be dropped which means since the budget in March, this is the third policy that the Government has backtracked on.
The tax on caravans has fallen by the wayside, as has the proposed 'pasty tax' on hot food and the Government are spinning it as 'having listened to the public' which shows that they are on our side and anyway, it is a sign of a strong government that it is willing to rethink its policies and not just plough on regardless.
The other train of thought is that obviously the policies were not very well thought out to start with if they have to keep going back to drop them because of the public outcry.
My own feeling is that they are happy to lose a few little battles so they can win the wars on the big changes they most want, are ideologically programmed to employ, such as privatising the NHS.
Look, we listened they can say, and we are always willing to withdraw policies that are not in the best interest of you, the public, but this privatisation is a good thing so trust us because we are only doing it for you.
Most worrying is that despite 3m unemployed and leading us back into recession, the same people who made such a hash of the budget, are convinced that what they know how to lead us through these dark economic times. Scary.

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