Friday, 25 May 2012

Blog Musings

I moved to Blogger in January 2007 and this is the 1,249th time that i have hit the little 'new post' button and sent my words out onto the Internet for anyone with a connection to agree or disagree with.
As i said to EJ the other day, ideas from blog posts mostly come from what i have seen or heard that day and things going on that i agree or disagree with which on the whole means that if nothing else, my mumblings are topical.
I do regret never having inserted labels to my posts as i would like to see which subject has cropped up the most but politics would be the overwhelming choice, i do tend to get most bothered about that subject because that affects everything we do and we have very little say in it. Democracy is not as great as the people who benefit from it would have us believe but i digress from the point of this posting which is to ponder just what can us bloggers do so we don't get stuck in the same routine.
I blog about everything here from music to sport to astronomy which keeps the post count ticking over nicely but it does seem to have a 'samey' feeling about it as the same topics keeps cropping up again and again, us humans don't tend to change much as we start wars, squabble over money and worry about things we have no control over.
I have wondered many times what i can do to lead this blog forward onto other things and the answer always seems to be a team blog with a group of bloggers, each with knowledge in a particular field, and although it appeals, i wouldn't want to try and co-ordinate and then run it. Far too time consuming and I wouldn't want to be chasing people who are volunteering their time for posts when they may well have more important things going on in their life.
Another idea could be co-blogging with another blogger but it would be almost impossible to get someone who shares the same ideas and ideology as me and although Hanz has stepped in a few times, and as we are married we obviously have much in common, i was always worried that what he was posting would be so far away from my own thoughts that it would change the dynamics of the blog. I also noted that he was far more inclined to escalate an argument to a level that I would not, i'm quite happy that i have managed to go all this time without becoming embroiled in a nasty war of words with other bloggers and have kept a certain level of civility with even those strongly opposed to my views.
The other idea is to break up the blog into smaller blogs, each with it's own theme so one blog would have all the music posts, another would house all the sport type posts and another where all the astronomy and space stuff would go. My thinking here is that when anybody lands there, they know what to expect rather than coming here and not knowing what you would be reading, it could be a rant about the evils of Capitalism or just as likely be about aliens or REM.
Although i quite like the idea of a few smaller, more focused blogs, i think the team blog idea would be the best so if anyone if considering setting one up and needs a left wing, football loving, punk band listening, horror film loving, book reading, pacifist, British blogger, then my email address is on the profile page and we will get my people to speak to your people.
Failing that, i will just keep with the present hotch potch method and lumping it all here.


Anonymous said...

Lucy, your an angel. Me, Holly Lolly, will be partner of you.

We, us, will join together metaphysically, Russia and Britain, and giff the world hell what are warmongrels.

I believe in love. Everyday I do love. But not jus anyone. Oh, no, I'm selection. Capitalists are no-no and I'd never let any Yank fill my tank or float my boat!

Lucy, we make a good pear, East and West working as won for peace. Its brilliantska, like a diamond.

S.P. Tell that Cheezy a woman spurned is dangerus. I still hope for us to join together for maternity.

xxxxxxxxxxx for Chilton

Lucy said...

Thank ewe four the offer butt eye have sum other people two sea and wheel get bach two ewe.

Anonymous said...


i think you have done well. while we vehemently disagree you have often attacked my ideas and ideals but you have never attacked me, or other readers - which is very rare.


Cheezy said...

I agree completely. Right from when I first starting reading and participating in blogs, there was always a certain type of person who would behave quite hysterically if you dared to disagree with them. Lies, personal vendettas, even online harassment can be result of this; I've even seen a bit of this first-hand, and there are obviously well documented cases in the news that you can read about too.

I guess self-esteem issues are probably at the heart of this, but it never made for a particularly pleasant or enlightening experience.

By way of contrast, with the obvious recent exception, FOAB has generally been free of this rubbish. It's great that although there are many issues on which I disagree with both you, Lucy, and also with most of your commenters, both you and they take my disagreement in the spirit of intellectual enquiry with which it is intended. And I try to do the same*.

As far as upping my own participation, I'd like to have the time to be able to do this, but unfortunately I don't. When I stopped blogging myself it was because I was suddenly much busier on some of my other projects, and since that time I've only gotten busier. I'll keep tuning in for as long as you're doing it, but I'd obviously understand if you wanted a break... Undiminished admiration, because you certainly lasted much longer than most of us.

* I'm always tested whenever you say something nice about Arsenal FC though ;)

haveaniceday said...

I will put my hands up and say that I load the page and have a quick look and if the latest post looks like it is going to be something serious and political (last post about Syria is a case in point) I just leave again. Sorry.

Falling on a bruise said...

To continue the mutual backslapping, you have both been the type of commenters that i always hoped i would have here, smart, funny, intelligent and as q said, attack the ideas and not the person when we disagree which ruins some of the other blogs. I have been lucky that since i began, the vast majority of commenters have been the same, Cody, Nog, Joe, monkey, TIO, (whatever happend to him q?) all clever and genuinely nice people.
I have no plans to quit, just maybe try something different.

No need to apologise haveaniceday, i do the same sometimes at other blogs but it is usually if the post. Unfortunately, as much as i would like to write about whinging pom eggs and deadly roundabouts, they are usually posts between the more serious stuff to break it up.

Anonymous said...


TIO is still out there, but i think he got real busy with family. He exchanged a note or two with me about a year ago. he seemed good, just busy.


Lucy said...

Thanks q, i'm glad to hear he is okay, he was good guy.