Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thanks MOD

There are many things that Hamas and the Taliban are rightly castigated for and placing their military hardware in public areas is one of them.
We hear so many stories of Hamas lobbing rockets over the wall into Israel and Israel replying by blowing up a UN warehouse or a block of flats and killing scores of innocent people.
Britain rightly condemns fighting in civilian areas although that argument is looking slightly weaker with the news that during the Olympics, missile batteries are going to be placed on top of high rise flats in London.
Now i'm not sure how i would feel if the Army decided to plant a batch of surface to air missiles on the roof of where i live. Actually, i know how i would feel, i would tell them exactly where they could plant their missiles which is what many of the residents have done which is why they were not asked.
My first concern would be having high velocity missiles sat right above my head while i'm trying to listen to which athlete is having their medal taken back for failing a drug test. London is full of empty buildings, what's up with one of those roofs?
Secondly just by having them there my home would become an instant terrorist target, thank you for that MOD.
Thirdly, every news channel has now told every wannabe terrorist in the World exactly where tonnes of military hardware is sat.
Just because they are surface to air missiles, it doesn't mean that the surface has to be directly on top of 700 residents in East London.


Cheezy said...

Fair enough I wouldn't be overjoyed if one of those things was on my roof, but I'm not sure about your 'target' theory...

Terrorists tend to attack 'soft' targets e.g. ordinary commuters sitting quietly on a train or a bus.

I can't seen old Abdul & Hussein from Bradford strapping some semtex round their bodies and charging up towards one of our Starstreak HVMs!


Lucy said...

True they do target soft targets but the buildings have now gone from just buildings nobody would look at twice to buildings that everyone now knows has missiles on the roof and soldiers milling around so their profile has been raised.