Saturday, 16 June 2012

Goodbye TalkSport

As i have mentioned here before, i have suffered from insomnia for years so many the night i have been laying there in the dark watching the clock tick around and wondering what state i would be in at work the next day with just a few hours sleep.
One guilty pleasure of being wide awake when the majority of the country was asleep was being able to listen to TalkSport radio late night phone in.
Yes it was mostly full of lunatics spouting off about whatever bee they had in their bonnet at the time but now that TalkSport has gone 24 hour sport and got rid of all the non-sport segments, i miss it.
I do like a good old fashioned phone in where the people are not media trained and they swear and cuss and get stuck into the presenter or even forget what they are arguing about halfway through which sometimes happened.
Although never tempted to phone in myself, it was a platform for anyone who has an opinion to moan to a national audience and we need something like that, however much the last caller made you want to throw your radio out the window.
Alas, for now that is gone and I will have to find another late night radio station to listen to in the wee hours.

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