Sunday, 17 June 2012

G20 Mexico

The heads of the world's leading economies are meeting in Mexico over the next two days and top of the agenda is the crisis in Europe so expect to hear the non-European countries handing out advice on how to go about ending it all and bringing us all back into prosperity.
So we should listen and learn from the countries that have turned things around with sound economic policy. Countries like India who have a national debt of £237.1 billion or 60% of GDP. Hmm, maybe India was not the best example so what about you Canada, debt of 84% of GDP you say, okay, moving on quickly to Brazil. Debt at 61% of GDP or £310.8 billion.
Argentina? Debt at 51% of GDP or £160.9 billion in the hole. Hmmm, America, you have always got a lot to say for yourself and its all your fault anyway, how can Europe get itself out of debt, how did you do it? Oh, you never, you owe $14 trillion or 60% of your GDP.
Japan, you must have...okay, you are down £2.44 trillion or 226% of GDP.
As a country outside of the Eurozone, what advice can we, Britain, offer. None considering we are £9 trillion in debt and back in recession.
So, as i understand it, we have leaders of the leading economies who are all deep in debt, giving advice to other countries how to get out of debt.
Nope, can't see how that can possibly go wrong.
Next week, Jack Black gives his tips on how to get that toned beach body.

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Anonymous said...

maybe people should listen to the germans...