Friday, 22 June 2012

Blame The Meat Eaters

Howdy meat eaters. Been tucking into your share of flesh, veins, muscles, tendons and blood today? Did those bits scraped up off the
abattoir floor that went into your sausages taste good today? Good but you better make the most of eating meat because research from the
University of Exeter shows that unless all you meat-eaters change your ways, the rise in the global population will spell ecological disaster.
Published today in the journal Energy and Environmental Science, the research suggests that in order to feed an expected population of 9.3billion by 2050, we need to dramatically cut the amount of meat we eat because rearing the animals takes so much land leaving insufficient space for crops.
The researchers argue that if we change the way we use our land, recycle waste, and dedicate enough space to growing bioenergy crops we could bring down atmospheric carbon dioxide to safe levels.
'By focusing on making agriculture more efficient and encouraging people to reduce the amount of meat they eat, we could keep global temperatures within the two degrees threshold' said Professor Tim Lenton, 'Bioenergy with carbon storage could play a major role in helping us reduce future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.'
'With livestock production accounting for 78 per cent of agricultural land in use today, this is the area where change could have a significant impact.'
So there you have, with every mouthful of cows backside or pigs eyeballs in your McDonald's burger, you are condemning all of us to a slow, painful demise and besides, in response to the millions of times i have heard from meat eaters that Hitler was a vegetarian in order to somehow shut me up about being a vegetarian, he wasn't, he was a meat eater just like you as was Stalin, Attila the Hun, Idi Amin, Pol Pot and Genghis Khan.
Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, Aristotle, Diogenes, Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates, Voltaire and Lisa Simpson all were though.


Cheezy said...

Ouch! Alarming stuff to read, particularly as I was actually eating my morning sausage sarnie at exactly the same time as I was reading this! Fortunately, it was still great...

You raise some good points about the ongoing sustainability of carniverous behaviour, and a whole bunch of bad stuff that might happen after I die :)

Have you been watching 'The Men Who Made Us Fat' on TV lately? It makes a very convincing case that fat (including animal fat) has been given a bad rap in terms of the current undeniable 'obesity epidemic'. The real culprit is the high fructose corn syrup that goes into most processed foods these days (and the associated corporate campaign to deny the dietary impact of this stuff).

If you didn't see it, google the name 'Earl Butz' for a short primer about the man mainly responsible.

Cheezy said...

PS: I remain unconvinced that the bland grey substance in (what they call) 'hamburgers' at McDonalds was ever any part of an real ungulate animal that once grazed on verdant pastures. It certainly doesn't taste that way.

Anonymous said...

riiiight, malthus said we were gonna starve to death by the year 1900 due to over population. so the population has increased 10x as we have increased the amount of meat we eat. but now all of the sudden we can't continue to eat meat and increase the population. i don't trust their study. i say they made some really iffy assumptions.


Lucy said...

I have never seen The men who made us fat but i have been offered the fat off bacon etc because 'it isn't meat'. I'm not sure about what goes into a McDonalds, or a KFC, but both smell great. That has to be artificial doesn't it?

That buffolo sandwich you ate this afternoon q has condemned us all, remind me to thank you when the floods come and i'm sat on top of a roof waiting to be winched to safety.