Thursday, 23 August 2012

Green Day Uno

The last time i was looking forward to an album release was when Axl Rose finally got his act together and put out Chinese Democracy but underwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it once it made it into the CD player.
Now Green Day are putting out 3 albums in quick succession and i'm a bit concerned that possibly, the best days of Green Day are behind them and these albums will only confirm it.
Ever since Basket Case back in the mid nineties i have been a fan of Green Day and have seen them bop along quite merrily not particularly bothering anybody to their sudden rise with American Idiot in 2005 when teenagers latched onto the band and the slow merging back into the pack with 21st Century breakdown which for me was a bit disappointing even if it did contain 'Restless Heart Syndrome' which is one of my favourite Green Day songs.
So refusing to be scarred by my experience with the Guns n Roses effort, i will be excitedly unwrapping Uno when it is released in September and a big part of me will be hoping that the lads haven't matured and are now singing 'grown up' songs because i want them back to the days of Insomniac and Dookie where they sang short, energetic songs where you suspected the drummer Tre Cool dislocated his shoulder several times during the recording and you could barely make out what Billie Joe Armstrong was saying, partly drowned out by the buzz saw guitars and partly because Billie, bless him, isn't the most articulate when it comes to the vocals.
I do see a pattern emerging though from their last few albums and it will be more Boulevard of Broken Dreams, When September Ends and 21 Guns then Longview, Basketcase and Stuck With Me.
Then again, maybe i just need to grow up and accept that those days are gone and embrace safe radio friendly pop-punk as the sound of today.
Alternatively, i could just say f*** that and if the 3 albums are a bit of a flop I can just shove them to the back of the CD cabinet next to Chinese Democracy and listen to their older, better stuff.

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