Friday, 17 August 2012

Making Another Splash

The latest attempt by America to fly a plane at Mach 6, or 3600 mph, has failed as it plunged into the sea due to a faulty control fin.
That's a shame you might think, if we can get to such speeds we could be crossing the World in half the time but then you hear the experiment was conducted by the American Air Force Research Laboratory and the whole idea of hypersonic flight is not to reduce flying time but to make their missiles travel faster, i say good and i hope that every experiment ends up splashing down in the Pacific.
If we put as much time and energy into saving lives as we do into finding new and inventive ways to take them, the World would be a much nicer place but obviously we are just too bloody stupid to realise that.

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Anonymous said...

If everyone was like you we could but there are lots of assholes that can only be stopped with a bullet.