Saturday, 3 August 2013

About Me

It has probably been noted that i am a tree hugging, bleeding heart lefty type and i would put my hands up to that but what i hope comes across is that what i want most is fairness.
I never set out to be a lefty, it sort of found me and our ideals seemed to mesh but overall, the one thing that i hope comes across from my blog writings is i want things to be fair.

I hear of some people dying through lack of food while others are dying through obesity and i think that's not fair.
A small portion of society have bank accounts with numbers like telephone numbers in the balance column and  then see people who can't afford to turn on a single bar of their electric fire in winter and think that's not fair.
I read about big corporations being let off billions in tax and then other people having their meagre possessions taken and sold by the tax-man and I think that's not fair.
We hear about austerity and pensioners and the disabled having their grants slashed while the bankers who caused the problems carry on getting millions in bonuses and that isn't fair.
We see Wars and terrorist attacks where hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians die and that isn't fair.
The changing climate at mans foolish hand brings floods and droughts and extreme weather that wrecks lives but those responsible deny it and continue churning out their poison and that isn't fair.       
I read about big business buying influence with Worlds Governments and that isn't fair.
We see some oppressive regimes and tyrants armed and funded as long as they sell us what we want and removed from power if they don't, and that isn't fair.
I see people killing animals for sport and think thats' not fair.
I hear of people being persecuted for their religion, race, skin colour, sex or because they love someone of their own sex and that isn't fair.

The regular cry is that life isn't fair, deal with it but why should we have to deal with it? Why can't we strive to make things fairer for every single one of us? 
The cry should be 'Life isn't fair, so let's make it fairer' and that is the driving force behind the vast majority of the posts on this blog.


Anonymous said...


without doubt you have compassion and would be at the very least a benevolent ruler, but I think you often confuse "fairness" with "equal outcomes".

if everyone wins, nobody wins. I prefer to have a "fair" chance and then I'll take my lumps when I'm bested.

I also think you often seek and ideal version of "fairness" that would not be "ideal" to everyone...

enjoy your vacation time. hope you have "fair" weather...


effay said...

Point taken!