Friday, 2 August 2013

Cost Of Becoming An MP

Everyone thinks that they would do a better job as a Politician than the present mob we have but not many people have what it takes to become a politician, a minimum of £41,000.
The process of becoming an MP is long and expensive and even after spending the £41,000 on campaigns to get yourself on the centrally-approved candidates list of your chosen party and then fight for the local constituents to put their cross in the box next to your name on the ballot paper, you are not guaranteed to get enough votes to get the right to park yourself in the House of Commons so you may have to do it all over again and another £41,000.
When you look at the current Government, over three quarters of them are millionaires and although the Government keep saying they need to attract a wider representation of the public, not many of the public earn the sort of money to be able to take a gamble on becoming an MP so for the foreseeable future, it is only going to be the high earners and millionaires running things, the people who have no idea how the vast majority of the country live.

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